Assignment 5

Assignment 5 final drawing: Media: ink on buff paper   Artist’s statement: Title: “Explore the visual complexity of tangles of ivy, using rapid mark making in ink.” The engraving work of Colin See-Paynton captures the… Continue reading

Exhibition: David Bomberg. Towner, Eastbourne.

A colleague mentioned their excitement that a David Bomberg exhibition was appearing at the Towner and – a little sheepishly – said that I had never heard of the artist.  I went to this… Continue reading

Assignment 4

Assignment Drawing 1 – Reclining portrait: Assignment Drawing 2 – A self-portrait:  Assignment Drawing 3 – Seated portrait: Reclining portrait Demonstration of creativity (imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice):   I know that… Continue reading

Exhibition: Walking the Line. Towner, Eastbourne.

The Towner hosts the UK’s largest professional exhibition of under 18 (school and college) work.  Each year a different theme is chosen, with 2016 being ‘Walking the Line.’  An interesting aspect of this exhibition… Continue reading

Part 4 Project 6: Portrait from memory or imagination

 Sketch 1 – Portrait from imagination: Media used: Graphite, Pastel (pencil) In this drawing I wanted to literally pick up the piece of paper and draw from imagination and to experiment somewhat.  I… Continue reading

Part 4 Project 6: Own Face

Drawing 1: Mixed Media: Watercolour pencil, Graphite, Charcoal, Pastel Yes, I just wanted to go a bit mad on this really!  I started off with a part of the face rendered as a… Continue reading

Part 4 Project 5: Single Moving figure

  Media used: Ink and Graphite I cannot say I enjoyed this exercise.  Casual and fleeting people watching isn’t my thing at all.  And also, it revives the slightly uncomfortable “drawing in the… Continue reading

Part 4 Project 6: Facial Features

Sketch 1: Media used: Various grade graphite, Ink, White Oil Pastel – on Bristol Board I found this drawing quite challenging, but the end result is pleasing to me.  This drawing is of… Continue reading

Part 4 Project 5: Groups of Figures

Media used: HB graphite and Black Biro Again this is another exercise that I’m not particularly enjoying.  In the image I’ve tried to capture the movement, atmosphere of the scene by the train station.… Continue reading

Researching … self portrait styles

Van Gogh Self Portrait, 1887, Oil on Board Self Portrait with a Bandaged Ear, 1889 I think most people would recognise van Gogh’s self-portraits as being some of the most important and recognizable… Continue reading